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Vez speaks to a new generation when he practices his craft as a masterful stage and recording artist. VEZ is a hip-hop sensation with rapidly spreading name recognition and music plays. The high school senior is constantly writing and recording and has an infectious vibe turning strangers into fans. In a matter of months, he has moved from recording at home to co-headlining national tours and accumulating nearly 1,000,000 plays and views.


His most popular songs and videos “Essentials”, “69 Bars”, “Live”, and “Shook Ones pt. 2” have all been received with acclaim. Of his 2018 releases, the release of Vez’s “Hail Mary Remix/ Joiner Lucas Dis” made waves when it sent shots at Atlantic Records recording artist Joyner Lucas after his song “Gucci Gang (Remix)” attempts to dis young artist Lil Pump and his song of the same name. That was just the start.


His musical influence comes from Drake, Kanye, Lil’ Wayne, and Mobb Deep, to name only a few. As a self-starter, Vez dedicated his time to the passion of writing music. Polishing his lyrics is essential and he spends five to six hours a day writing and mastering his flow. That hustle follows him in his life as a high school senior who isn’t afraid to promote his talent


What the Media is Saying About Vez


“…his musicianship speaks in decibels” -Daily Lobo


“Vez has some solid reach among his peers and his work is refreshingly not more rap culture bullshit; he raps about real life-sometimes plaintively-with a powerful voice and blank verse lyrics that suggest great introspection…”-Alibi

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