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Burque's Freshest Rapper


Woke Up Like Dis

Woke Up Like Dis and Hail Mary are Vez’ latest released singles. Listen, like, share!
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Burque's Freshest Rapper

At 17, VEZ is a hip-hop sensation with rapidly spreading name recognition and music plays in the New Mexico rap community and beyond. The high school senior from Rio Rancho, New Mexico started writing his rhymes six hours a day for a year before perfecting the sound for recording, and it shows. VEZ has produced rap and hip-hop songs and videos with P4P that have skyrocketed to approach 1 million plays and views. His musical influence comes from Drake, Kanye, Lil’ Wayne, and Mobb Deep. As the Daily Lobo recently put it, VEZ is an artist whose “…musicianship speaks in decibels”, and that he is “furious and charismatic” in his delivery. Encantado Magazine’s Lala Gonzales recently reported that his charisma is infectious and his lyrics make you want to hit repeat and dance!

Vez is currently writing, recording, and producing his music in preparation for a forthcoming album. Join his social media accounts for updates on apperances, singles and video releases, and his relentless interaction with fans and the media.

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