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This set of pages is for P4P Staff to use in working on the website. Most tasks on the website will use templates already created that just require duplicating and then editing for the new material.

  1. Adding an Artist Page
  2. Adding an Image
  3. Adding an Image Gallery
  4. Adding Music to a Page from Soundcloud
  5. Adding a Product
  6. Adding a Team Member
  7. Adding a Video
  8. Creating an Event
  9. Posting a Blog
  10. Posting a Press Release
  11. Search Engine Optimization Guide
  12. Theme Guide
  13. Using the Store

If you cannot access a link in this guide, contact your websites Webmaster to make sure you have the correct access.

Adding an Artist Page

To add a new artist, be sure to have handy these resources:

  1. Artist images
  2. Artist facebook, instagram, twitter and snapchat handles and/or page links.
  3. Artist Soundcloud and YouTube pages
  4. Album artwork

Once all the information is handy you will be ready to begin. The order of steps listed here is for ease of use. If you are an advanced user of WordPress or this website, you can go out of order.

Step 1: Images

Each artist page has a selection of images from the artists gallery. If the images are already in place and categorized it will make the page creation easier.

  1. Create a new category for the artists images. Open this link in a new web browser or tab:
    1. The Media Categories page should open. Fill in the fields with the artist name. There are already created categories if you need to see one as a reference. See image below (click to enlarge).
    2. Name: the artists name.
    3. Slug: the artists name in all lowercase with a hyphen where spaces are located in their name.
    4. Do not assign a parent category.
    5. Description: Copy this description inserting the artist name in the blank fields. It will be helpful for search engine ranking for the artist to our site.
      1. P4P artist ____ photos, videos and other media items.
    6. Click “Add New Media Category
    7. Once this is saved, hover the mouse cursor over the category name you just created and look at the bottom of the browser for the web address that pops up when hovering over the category name. Make note of the number found after “…media_category&tag_id=” and write this down for later. It is required later. This is the category ID #. See below image (click to enlarge).
  2. Add images to the image library.
    1. Before uploading images the image name needs to be edited. Edit each image name to include the artists name and a description of the image, like “vez_concert_1.jpg” .
    2. Open this link to add a new image:
    3. Either drag and drop the images to the Upload New Media page or open the Select Files tool.
    4. Click on Edit next to the image name when uploading is complete.
    5. On the right side of the page find Media Categories and select the category created in step 1.1 above. Also select “Photo” or “Video” depending on the file type.
    6. Caption: Optional. This will display below the image if filled in.
    7. Alternative Text: Write a brief description using the artist name and description of the photo. This is used for search engines and is requried for our site.
    8. Description: Copy the alternative text here.
    9. Yoast SEO: this is required for search engine ranking
      1. Focus Keyphrase: use the artists name here as it would be entered in Google to find this artist. Essential for search engine ranking.
      2. Click: Edit Snippet
      3. Slug: Enter the file title and include the artist name as it is written in the Focus Keyphrase using hypens in place of spaces.
      4. Meta Description: this information is displayed in Google search results under the blue title link. Write a description of the photo including the Focus Keyphrase as many times as possible in the alloted space.
    10. Click “Update” to publish
    11. Repeat for all uploaded artist media files.


Adding an Image

  1. If there is already a category for the images you will upload then proceed to the next step. If this is a new category, add the category before the images. If you are not sure if there is already a category, check by hovering over the Media menu item on the left, and open “Categories“.

Adding an Image Gallery

Adding Music to a Page from Soundcloud

Adding a Product

Adding a Team Member

Adding a Video

Creating an Event

Posting a Blog

Posting a Press Release

Search Engine Optimization Guide

Theme Guide

Using the Store